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In order to submit your citizenship application, for your certificates to be accepted by an Embassy/Consulate or overseas they need to be legalised by the Australian Government, by the means of an Apostille stamp.


If you are dealing with a country that is not party to the Hague Convention generally your document needs an Authentication.


If you value your time, or you suffer from queue phobia, at AZ Translations we provide a convenient and secure service to our clients, by attending on their behalf upon the relevant Australian Government Department to arrange for the issue of an Apostille or Authentication.


Organising an Apostille, Authentication or embassy legalisation for your documents we have made it simple! Rather than repeated visit to a city office all you have to do is contact us for a quote and  send us your certificates to be Appostilled or Authenticated. We will take care of the rest and return them to you.




International customers

We assist people and businesses all over the world to get an Apostille stamp from Australia.

If you do not live in Australia then getting the legalization of your documents is easy with our service. We can safely return your documents to any address in the world by International registered post.

Contact us for a free quote.




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Apostille services Australia

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