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Australia's Italian dual citizenship experts.

If you’re looking to apply for Italian Citizenship, the process of paperwork, lodging documents and seeking approval can be overwhelming. The team of Citizenship experts at AZ Translations have extensive experience and are the experts in simplifying the application process so that you can enjoy living anywhere in Europe sooner.

Through our Ask An Expert initiative, you can gain personal and professional Italian Citizenship advice from the best in the business within 24 hours of asking. Our professional services are ideal for people who:

  • Need urgent professional advice related to Italian citizenship.
  • Only have a few questions or queries about residency, work rights education and other matters within EU countries
  • Have already lodged an application and need specific advice or assistance
  • Intend to lodge a citizenship application, but require guidelines, advice or document checklists
  • •Think they can be eligible for Italian Citizenship, but would still like a confirmation or procedural advice to guide them through the process.

If any of the above applies to you, Ask An Expert has the solution you’re looking for!

How to Get Started

Signing up with Ask An Expert is simple and so cost efficient! Simply register for an account with AZ Translations by completing a few questions. After you’ve signed up you’ll be asked to make a low payment of $299, which is a flat rate consulting fee that allows you to ask up to thirty questions within 30 days from the date of payment. This could be a great way of sharing the cost of professional advice within extended family members.

When you choose AZ Translations, you’ll be dealing with some of the best dedicated, experienced Italian Citizenship experts, who have an extensive and enviable success rate.

Why delay? Find out how our expert team can make your quest for an EU Passport became a smooth sailing.