Italian Dual Citizenship

Italian Dual Citizenship - EU Passport

Following numerous enquiries that we have received in EU (European) passport and Italian dual citizenship related matters we have published the following general guidelines to better assist you in understanding your entitlements, and avoid incomplete and quiet confusing narrative available on the net.

Once you have read through, should you require further assistance with your application contact our Italian citizenship experts at (fees apply) and they will take the guesswork out of your Italian citizenship entitlement and if you are not eligible they will tell you immediately cutting short the bureaucratic jargon and present you with options available to you.

We are committed in giving our clients the best possible service and we take pride in the quality of our work and ethical standards. Our Consultants will assist you with the process of applying for Italian Citizenship and help you submitting your application by providing:

  • A full, professional and honest assessment of your Italian Citizenship eligibility.
  • A thorough explanation of the Italian Citizenship application requirements.
  • An understanding of the options available - they may not be what you think.
  • Document checklists for your Italian Citizenship application.

It could be the case that you eligibility is not as straight forward as in “jure sanguinis” entitlement case but derives from cross-acquired rights from your ascending ancestors. Our Consultants will thoroughly examine your personal circumstances and provide you with a comprehensive step-by-step guide to reach your goal of becoming an Italian citizen, thus to live and work anywhere within the European Union (EU).

By availing yourself of the services provided by AZ Translations, other than having a consultant that you can contact for ongoing support to help you with any queries or difficulties, you will have the certainty that an expert will have explored every chance that would make you eligible for Italian Citizenship.

To date we have assisted numerous clients - throughout Australia and from offshore - in applying for their Italian citizenship where our experts’ in-depth knowledge of Italian citizenship Act has guaranteed them a 100% success rate. However, this outcome was possible also thanks to our clients’ level of interest, determination and proactive contribution in the process.

Albeit you may already know under what circumstance you are eligible to apply for Italian citizenship, to seek the correct information and/or organise the documents may be confusing and awfully time consuming. If you wish a personalised assistance for the groundwork of gathering all the necessary documents for your Italian citizenship application forward us your specific request

If you already know under what circumstance you are eligible to apply for Italian citizenship, to seek the correct information and/or organise the documents may be confusing and awfully time consuming. If wish a personalised assistance for the groundwork of gathering all the necessary documents for your Italian citizenship application forward us your specific request at:

Our consultants will address your citizenship related queries on:

  • Recognition of Italian Citizenship eligibility.
  • How to apply for Italian Citizenship.
  • Documents needed to apply for Dual Italian Citizenship.
  • Italian Citizenship by marriage.
  • How to reclaim Italian Citizenship through acquired right by marriage.
  • How to obtain certificates tracing back to your Italian citizen ancestors
  • How to re-acquire Italian citizenship

The added benefit of the services provided by AZ Translations is that at your citizenship appointment with your local Italian Consulate you will turn up knowing exactly about your entitlement and with all the documents and forms ready to be submitted. Having everything ready beforehand makes a great deal of difference; it also makes it easy for the consulate officials to process your application without further delay and avoid you unwarranted complications, frustration and repeated trips.

About Italian Citizenship

Perhaps your father was an Italian citizen and lost his citizenship or your grandmother or grandfather was born in Italy and you do not have their citizenship records, or otherwise your most recent Italian connection goes back even further in history.

All you need to have is Italian citizenship records in your parental line, and if that relates to your paternal line - where virtually there is no limit to the number of generations - you must trace them backwards and provide the documents substantiating your descent.

If your citizenship entitlement derives from your ancestors maternal line, you or your parents must have been born after 01/01/1948.

If, however, you do not qualify for citizenship through "jure sanguinis" other ways of gaining Italian citizenship are:

  • If you have formerly held Italian citizenship, by formally residing in Italy.
  • If you are married to an Italian citizen for at least three years, by grant.
  • If you have Italian parents or grand-parents that no longer have Italian citizenship, by legally residing in Italy for at least three years.

Jure Sanguinis

Italian citizenship is largely based on the principle of “jure sanguinis” (i.e. by blood right). What this means is a child born to at least one Italian citizen parent is also an Italian citizen. This is the most direct route for Italian citizenship eligibility and by far the less complicated way to claim the statutory right for it. Under the provision of “jure sanguinis” principle, to be recognised as an Italian citizen you don't have to be born in Italy or have never set a foot there yourself, your parents, your immediate ancestors or speak the language.


To apply for Italian citizenship you will need to submit various certificates such as birth, death, marriage, divorce etc certificates of yourself and that of your ancestors’. All these documents will need to be legalised in the country where they were issued and translated in Italian. For your translations and document legalisation needs please contact AZ Translations at aand we will organise your documents, ready to be submitted at any Italian Consulate.

Citizenship by Marriage

In order to apply for citizenship by marriage first and foremost the marriage of the Italian citizen spouse must be acknowledged/registered by the Italian Government.

To apply for Italian citizenship by marriage, the non-citizen spouses must have lived in Italy for at least two years whereas the spouses of those who reside outside Italy must have been married for a minimum of three years.

Married couples who have children born to the marriage, if residing in Italy, the waiting time may be reduced by half.

Applications for Italian citizenship by marriage as of 01/08/2015 must be submitted online through the Italian Ministry of Home Affairs website. If you require assistance with the online application and/or organise the required documents please contact us at: and we will make sure that your will not be inconvenienced by language and bureaucratic barriers.

Apply or Renew Italian passport

When you apply for a new passport, Consulates are bound to verify that all your personal and family records are up-to-date. If necessary, you will be required to provide additional documents which translates in repeated trips so that a passport can be issued.

To avoid frustrating repeated visits and appointments, AZ Translations can assist you in preparing all the documents to be submitted and maximise the outcome of your visit to the consulates and other government offices.