I am currently applying for Italian citizenship by descent and I need to translate my Birth and Marriage certificates for the Italian Consulate in Melbourne, can you translate my documents?
Yes we can. Additionally to our translation service we can also assist our customers in proof reading and verifying information consistency on their documents by so avoiding them painful and time consuming process and a waste of money.
My friend suggests that I only hire translators listed on the Italian Consulate’s website.
Not true! You should engage the most competent and most convenient to you. As a matter of fact, on the Consulate’s website list of translators it is clearly stated that the “... list of freelance translators provided by the Italian Consulate upon request [...] is not a list of official translators of this Consulate General, which holds no liability from their translations” hence, whenever you read or come accross to translators introducing themselves as “registered translator at the Italian Consulate in Melbourne” or anywhere else in Australia, nothing is far from truth, and that does not mean unless the translation of your documents is done by them will not valid.
My documents need to be Apostilled and translated, are these services you provide?
Yes. Other than translating documents part of our services is to undertake on behalf of our clients the time consuming legal processes associated with the legalisation (Apostille) of all Australian public documents for use overseas and Consular offices.
Should I translate my documents before or after they have been Apostilled?
Apostille stamp is a universally read format in the countries which are signatories to The Hague Convention therefore it does not need to be translated.
I am planning to marry in Italy and I need to translate and Apostille my Birth Certificate and Divorce Decree before leaving Australia, are these services you offer?
Yes. We can also assist you in translating your Italian Marriage Certificate in English as well as legalizing it (Apostille) in Italy.
What type of documents do you translate?
We can translate Birth, Marriage, Death certificates, Divorces certificates, Driver licences, Passports, Police certificates, academic qualification certificates, official transcripts, legal documentation, medical documents and other types of documents.
Can I get a Police Clearance from Italy while I am in Australia?
Yes, you can. You will not need to return to Italy to get a Police Certificate. We can assist you in obtaining the certificates from Italy and you will receive them directly at home.
The Australian Department of Immigration requires that the documents for visa application must be professionally translated into English. Can you do that?
Yes, we can. Our translators are NAATI certified and fulfil all Autstralian Goverment Departments' requirements.
I live in New Zealand, I need a Police check from Italy; can I use your service?
Yes, you can. The Italian Penal certificates will be delivered to your postal address. To facilitate the payment from abroad we now accept international payment through PayPal.